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IAAS -auditoría group- is a team organized to accompany and cooperate in the development and growth of your company and/or undertaking. We are experienced and have the know-how that backs-up and guarantees each and every one of our tasks, providing the efficiency that our customer deservers, and being trustworthy of them.

We provide and make available specialized and custom-made services.

Our goal consists in providing quality and complete services, affording advice on legal, tax and accounting issues, providing technical support, making it possible to contribute to our customers’ success and to incorporate value to their tasks.

Due to the complex world we live in, specialization is of the utmost importance. Thus, our structure is made up of departments, considering heterogeneous services to be rendered.

Notwithstanding, we offer a multidisciplinary and coordinated approach to provide complete and adequate solutions to fulfill our customer needs.

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Auditorias Internas operativas (controles internos)
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Reorganizaciones Administrativas
Soporte Administrativo Continuo
Manuales de Procedimientos
Consultoría Empresarial
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